EMAS Intelect Challenge



Emergency medicine is full of creative and innovative people who aspire to innovate and improvise care in the evolving, dynamic healthcare environment. For the first time ever, EMAS in coordination with College of Emergency Physician will be organizing an innovation challenge in emergency medicine. Themes of innovation include novel or improvised services that improve clinical flow inventions related to patients' and staffs' experience, initiatives to improve education & well being in emergency medicine.


  1. To create a platform that will spotlight talented innovators and their innovations in emergency medicine.
  2. To highlight measures and interventions that give positive impact in emergency medicine.
  3. To cultivate creative and innovative mindset in emergency medicine.
  4. To promote interdepartmental and interagency collaborations.
  5. To create pathways for research and publication.

How to Apply?

  1. Fill in a google form below provided together with link of video description of your innovation.
  2. The video presentation format is up to your own creativity, but not more than 5 min explaining regarding innovation and uploaded to youtube.
  3. All entries must be submitted before 31st August 2022.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Entry must be an original work from the participant(s). Each team consists of of 5 team members, working in emergency and trauma medicine care.
  2. The innovation must be applied during daily practice and not only theoretical.
  3. The innovation must not breach any intellectual property rights or contractual obligations.
  4. The information regarding innovation must be structured as follows:
    • Problem statement / Need for innovation
    • The concept of innovation and how it works
    • Feasibility and usability for clinical application
    • Duration of application (how long is has been put into practice) — if available
    • Scalability and sustainability
    • Impact of innovation
  5. Participants must declare any conflict of interest (if any) .
  6. Acceptance notification will be sent to the submitting author with further instructions.
  7. Failure to comply with these requirements will exclude the entry from consideration.
  8. Judges' decisions are final and are not subject to review

Criteria of Evaluation

  • Novelty
  • Clinical applications – feasibility and usability for clinical use
  • Clinical impacts – scalability and sustainability
  • Presentation
  • Impact to efficiency
  • Creativity
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Replicability
  • Collaborative Effort

To register please click the following link:

For Any Enquiries, Please Contact Us:
Dr Syed Hussein 017-5603550
Dr Aida Sharini 016-3230157
Dr Bhasyani 016-3330957