Emergency Medical Services/ Pre-Hospital Medicine/ Transport Medicine

  1. Terminating Ventricular Tachycardia via Prehospital Synchronized Cardioversion by Paramedic in Taoyuan City by Shan

  2. EDRA: A Pioneer Southern Experience by Kiat Kee Gan

  3. Die Another Day-A Medical Standby Miracle by Deborah Eduin

  4. An EMS Nexus Model of Improved STEMI Response with Private Hospitals by Teik Kean Tan

  5. Focus Echo For Death Confirmation In Out-of Hospital-Cardiac-Arrest by Nur Syuhadah Zainol Abidin

  6. From Zero To Hero : Pre-hospital Thrombolysis In Acute Myocardial Infarction by Vigneswary Gopal

  7. Managing More Than 1 Patients With Polytrauma And Traumatic Brain Injury In Pre Hospital by Ahmad Yushree Mohamed Salim

  8. From Sea to Air: Managing Acute Decompression Illness in Aeromedical Transfer by Raynuga Siladory

  9. Dear Patient, Please Be Calm As You Have A Cobra Bite by Narong Reed A/L Prem

  10. Ambulance Decontamination During Covid-19: Simple Technologies That Push The Boundary Of Current Practice by Nik Ahmad Shaiffudin Nik Him

  11. Perceptions Of Barriers And Enablers Of Clinical Skill Competency In South East Asian Prehospital Care Provision: A Mixed Methods Study by Shun Yi Sia

  12. Knowledge, Attitudes And Practice On Termination Of Resuscitation In Out Of Hospital Cardiac Arrest Among Advanced Care Responders, Rural Ambulance Services In Pre Hospital Care, Malaysia by Mohammad Akmal Shah Saad

  13. Death Confirmation With A View : A New Era For Paramedics by Nur Syuhadah Zainol Abidin

  14. Help! I Can’t Unlock The Public Access Aed! by Mohamed Munir Sharif Deen

  15. Impact Of NGO Hotspot Program In Penang Island by Teik Kean Tan

  16. Migration From Traditional Hand Written Input To Digital Prehospital Care System by Zaira Shahida Zainal Abidin

  17. The Burden Of Confirm Death Cases By Ems In Penang Island by Mohamed Munir Sharif Deen

  18. Metropolitan Ambulance Service (MAS) Model: A Solution to Improve Response Time in Urban Penang Island by Rathina Kumar Krehnan