In Name of God, the Most Gracious and The Most Merciful

On behalf of the College of Emergency Physician and as the Scientific Chairman, it is with a great pleasure, to take this opportunity to invite all of you to the 2021 Emergency Medicine Annual Scientific Meeting (EMAS 2021). This is the biggest Emergency Medicine event in Malaysia and this year it will take place in virtual platform on 25-26th October 2021.

As we are still battling with the unseen enemy named Covid19, we are still not allowed to meet in person and do the conference like we used to. After much deliberation and the uncertainties due to the COVID 19 pandemic, our committee initiate a full virtual conference with the same, if not more  enthusiasm likes before.



Welcome all to EMAS 2021. For the past one and a half year, we have been challenged with a pandemic that has crippled the world and brings it to a standstill. This silent enemy does know any boundaries and does not bow to anyone. Life, as we see it, has been confined to our homes and going out, if necessary. This is a real test of our way of life and has caused many sufferings. Despite all this we, EMTS, have stayed resilient holding the line and providing medical care to the best of our capability. Our fraternity is feeling the brunt of this pandemic but we have stayed strong ensuring that patients are cared for as best as possible. This is a true show of our worth providing emergency care to all and a test of our training and practice. This is the time to prove what we preach is reflected on our actions, a true test to our profession in all aspects of the service.